Technology: how it's done

Furniture made of precious woods indicates prestige and nobility, subtlety of taste and, of course, prosperity. Oak, cherry, beech, pear, walnut, maple, lacewood, ebony and mahogany are prized by furniture manufacturers for their strength and durability. Each wood has a unique combination of qualities that make them desirable and practical for a wide variety of uses. Among these woods, for example, dense, black ebony is the most difficult to handle, and so furniture made from ebony is considered to have the highest value. Mahogany, by contrast, with its luxurious color, interesting design and pleasant aroma, has always been considered a sign of good taste and high status. Experienced woodworkers like mahogany because despite its stength, it responds well to treatment.

Starting with our wide choice of fine, natural woods, we utilize designs to produce furniture that maximizes diversity and comfort to its owner. None of our pieces of furniture merely occupies, it always plays a role in creating a unique atmosphere for your home.

Using conventional processing technology of wood we will help you to make your dreams reality by creating furniture in any style, from classic to modern. Acquiring such furniture, accessories and other items you will not only become the owner of a unique creation, but have a feeling that you belong to the world of high art and unique beauty, which has special powerful energetics and the ability to inspire your own creativity. This kind furniture also preserves its unique beauty for many years.

How to order from the Gilbert Creations Studio

To order exclusive furniture from our Studio, please let us know your wishes and expectations for the product you desire to have, and the material from which you want it to be made. The Master will then create a unique sketch to reflect your demands. When you approve the Master's sketch, the realization of your dream will start and you will soon be taking delivery of a unique piece of art.

Treat yourself to the elegant luxury of Gilbert Creations!